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Pure Advantage - ICON - EWF2CBPA
PureSource2 - FC100 + WF2CB
refrigerator fridge ice water filter cartridge

Currently EWF2CBPA is experiencing a production + availability problem
We will supply a Frigidaire PureSource2 fridge ice water filter

We stock 6 different ice water filter cartridges suitable for AEG + Electrolux.
Please Check Photos Carefully
Two Electrolux water filters are very similar ...
Electrolux EWF2CBPA + FC100 or Electrolux EWF01 + FC300
Frigidaire own + manufacture Electrolux + AEG  + John Lewis brands
Packaging of Electrolux + Frigidaire FC100 filter and colour of the plastic
casing has changed - it is now white - previously clear - transparent.
Both refer to using the NGFC2000 water system.

Genuine Electrolux, Pure Advantage EWF2CBPA
replacement ice water filter cartridge 
A slide-out water filter - located at front of fridge compartment
 Check all 4 photos below for a match
for some but not all
Frigidaire  AEG  Electrolux  +  John Lewis  +  KitchenAid

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1x Frigidaire - Electrolux - ICON EWF2CBPA Water Filter
One Frigidaire or Electrolux water filter
Price: £36.50
2x Frigidaire - Electrolux - ICON EWF2CBPA Water Filters
Two Frigidaire or Electrolux water filters
Price: £70.00
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Frigidaire or Electrolux ICON filters are in stock at AAA Filter Fast
International Water Quality
Safety Standards
ANSI/NSF International Water Quality Standards
approved to meet
Water Quality Safety Standard 42
chlorine reduction + taste + odour improvements
Water Quality Safety Standard 53
health effects +  removal of contaminants
Frigidaire PureSource2 or 
Electrolux Pure Advantage ICON water filter cartridge
Electrolux 241527301, Electrolux 218732310,
Electrolux EWF2CBPA, Electrolux S7380KG0 , Electrolux S7388KG0,

Manufacturer's Code - 2403964014

Electrolux + AEG
ERL6298XX1, ERL6296XX, ERL6297KK1, ERL6297XS1,
AEG 2403964055

Electrolux Frigidaire AEG John Lewis FC100 EWF2CBPA Icon internal replacement refrigerator fridge ice & water filter cartridges - base view - sold at AAA FilterFast.
Base of Electrolux - AEG - ICON filter.

Electrolux AEG John Lewis FC100 EWF2CBPA Icon internal replacement refrigerator fridge ice & water filter cartridges - top view - sold at AAA FilterFast
Base of Frigidaire + Electrolux filter.

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