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3M ScaleGard Pro
water filter cartridge
3M ScaleGard Pro P124BN-E water filter cartridge.
Note - comes without head
3M ScaleGard Pro P124BN-E are kept in stock at AAA FilterFast.

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1x 3M ScaleGard Pro P124BN-E Cartridge
One P124BN-E water filter cartridge.
Price: £72.00
2x 3M ScaleGard Pro P124BN-E Cartridges
Two P124BN-E water filter cartridges.
Price: £138.00
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3MScaleGard Pro P124BN-E water filters are kept in stock at AAA FilterFast

3M ScaleGard Pro Range
*Combines high capacity ion exchange resin + a carbon block
* Convenience of a disposable cartridge system
* ‘Sanitary Quick Change’ SQC head* common head connection
* with by pass
* scale reduction

3M ScaleGard Pro P124BN-E Advantages
* Greater capacity + longer life
* Lower investment + service costs than pod systems
* Removes scale forming minerals - little or no scale build up
* Service costs are dramatically reduced
* Removes chlorine taste + odour + minimum flush.
* Long service life + no corrosion
* Quality water for hot drinks
* Rapid change-out requires no expertise or tools
* No contamination or leaks as ‘O’ rings changed with cartridge
* Can be mounted in cabinet or off floor - Easily connects to existing pipework
* 4 interchangeable cartridge options - 1 head fits all

3M ScaleGard Pro new replacement water filter cartridges - sold at AAA FilterFast

3M ScaleGard Pro new replacement water filter cartridges - sold at AAA FilterFast
AAA FilterFast
AAA FilterFast

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