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Bosch UltraClarity
644845 - 643046 - 740560
replacement refrigerator ice water filter cartridge
Genuine UltraClarity refrigerator fridge ice water filter 
for Bosch American style fridge freezers.
499850, 640436, 641425, 643019,
643046, 644845, 667256, 740560, 740572,
00640436, 00641425, 00643019, 00643046, 00644845, 00667256,
00740560, 00740572,
replacement for part / model numbers / BSH Codes
9000077095, 9000077096, 9000077104, 9000077106, 9000077107,
9000193914, 9000194412, 9000225170, 9000252129, 9000672622,
9000705475, 9000733786, 9000777508,
Z4500WO 9000252129, Z4500WO 9000733786,
REPLFLTR10, 9000194412,

1x Bosch UltraClarity Ice Water Filter
One UltraClarity water filter

Genuine UltraClarity Part
Price: £39.50
2x Bosch UltraClarity Ice Water Filters
Two UltraClarity water filters

Genuine UltraClarity Part
Price: £78.00
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UltraClarity water filters are in stock at AAA FilterFast
International Water Quality
Safety Standards
NSF/ANSI International Water Quality Standards
approved + certified to meet 
NSF/ANSI Water Quality Standard 42
chlorine removal + taste + odour improvements
NSF/ANSI Water Quality Standard 53
reduction of contaminants + health effects

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Bosch logo for Bosch replacement fridge water filter cartridges - sold at AAA FilterFastBosch Appliance Model Numbers -
B22CS30SNI/01, B22CS30SNS/01, 
B22CS50SNB/01, B22CS50SNB/02, B22CS50SNB/03,B22CS50SNS/01,
B22CS50SNS/02, B22CS50SNW/01,
B22CS50SNW/02, B22CS80SNS/01, B22CS80SNS/02,B24ID80NLP/01,
B24IF70NSP/01, B24IF70NSP/02,
B24IF70NSP/03, B24IF70NSP/05,
B30IF70NSP/01, B30IF70NSP/02,
B30IF70NSP/03, B30IF70NSP/05,
B36ET71SN/04, B36ET71SN/08,
B36IB70NSP/01, B36IB70NSP/02,
B36IB70NSP/03, B36IB70NSP/05,
B36IB70NSP/11, B36IB70NSP/12,
B36IB70NSP/13, B36IB70NSP/15,
B36IB70NSP/17, B36IB70NSP/18,
B36IB70NSP/20, B36IB70NSP/21,
B36IT70NNP/03, B36IT70NNP/04,
B36IT70NNP/05,B36IT70NNP/06, B36IT70NNP/08, B36IT70NNP/99,B36IT71NNP/04,
B36IT71NNP/06, B36IT71NNP/07,
B36IT71NNP/08, B36IT71NNP/09,
B36IT71NNP/10, B36IT71NNP/11, 
B36IT71SN/09, B36IT71SN/10,
B36IT71SN/13, B36IT71SN/17, KAD62P90/01, 
KAD62S20/01, KAD62S21TI/01,
KAD62V50GB/01, KAD62520/01,
KAD62A70,KAD62P90, KAD62S20,
KAD62S50, KAD62V00, KAD62V40,
KAD62V50, KAD62V70
Bosch 740560 UltraClarity replacement refrigerator fridge ice water filter cartridges - sold at AAA FilterFast
Bosch 740560 UltraClarity replacement refrigerator fridge ice & water filter cartridges - sold at AAA FilterFast
AAA FilterFast
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