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Panasonic CNRAH-257760
replacement refrigerator ice water filter cartridge
Panasonic CNRAH-257760
replacement refrigerator fridge water filter cartridge for
Panasonic American style side-by-side, refrigerators + fridge freezers
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1x Panasonic CNRAH-257760 fridge water filter cartridge
One Panasonic fridge water filter
Price: £72.50
Panasonic Models
NRB53V1, NR-B53V1, NR-B53V1-WB,
NR-B53V1-XB, NR-B53V1-XE, NR-B53V1-X1D,

NR-B53V2, NR-B53V2-X, 
NR-B53V2-XB, NR-B53V2-XE, NR-B53V2-XF, 

NR-B53VW1, NR-B53VW1-WB,
NR-B53VW1-WE, NR-B53VW2, NR-B53VW2-WB,
NR-B53VW2-WE, NR-B53VW2-WF, 

NR-B54X1, NR-B54X1-WB,
NR-B54X1-WE, NR-BG53V2, NR-BG53VW2,
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Panasonic water filter are in stock at AAA FilterFast
International Water
Quality Safety Standards
certified + approved to meet or exceed
Water Safety Standard 42
taste + odour + chlorine reduction
Water Safety Standard 53
reduction of contaminants + health effects
Panasonic refrigerator fridge water filter cartridges - top view - sold at AAA FilterFast

Panasonic refrigerator fridge water filter cartridges - base view - sold at AAA FilterFast

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