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Electrolux - 2087518011
refrigerator fridge ice water filter cartridge
Genuine Electrolux 2087518011 ice water filter for AEG + Electrolux
For use in Filter System Model RF378DMES
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1x Electrolux - 2087518011 - Ice & Water Filter for RF378DMES
One ice & water filter - in total.

Part Number - 2087518011

For use in Filter System Model - RF378DMES
Price: £37.80
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Electrolux filters are a stock Item at AAA FilterFast
Replace 6 to 12 monthly
as required - depending on use + water conditions

AEG Models
S93880KMB0, S93880KMX0, S93880KMX1, S92358-KA2
Electrolux Models
ERES35800W, ERES35800X, ERES38820W, ERES38820X,
Husqvarna Electrolux Models
QR2580K, QR2580X, QR2581K, QR2581X,
Electrolux 2087518011 fridge ice water filter cartridges - base view - sold at AAA FilterFast

Electrolux 2087518011 fridge ice water filter cartridges - top view - sold at AAA FilterFast

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