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Samsung Aqua-Pure Plus
replacement fridge ice water filter cartridge

Discontinued Filter  -  HAFIN1/EXP - No Stock
IcePure RFC2900A + RWF2900A 
replacement compatible filter for Samsung HAFIN1/EXP
Genuine replacement for Samsung Aqua-Pure Plus DA29-00003F
water filter models HAFIN1/EXP with internal water filter cartridge. 
Replace - like for like 
to avoid possible compatibility + fitting issues

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1x IcePure RFC2900A RWF2900A compatible fridge water filter replaces Samsung HAFIN/1EXP
One IcePure water filter

Samsung Aqua-Pure Plus HAFIN1/EXP fridge filter
Price: £24.50
2x IcePure RFC2900A RWF2900A compatible fridge water filters replaces Samsung HAFIN/1EXP
Two IcePure water filters

Samsung Aqua-Pure Plus HAFIN1/EXP fridge filter
Price: £46.00
1x Samsung HAFIN1/EXP Aqua-Pure Plus fridge water filter cartridge
One Genuine Samsung water filter

6 in Stock - Discontinued Filter
Price: £36.50

There were 2 slightly different Samsung barrel shaped ice water filter
Replace like for like
- where possible -
to avoid possible fitting issues.

Discontinued - Samsung Aqua-Pure Plus DA29-00003F

Replacement compatible DA29-00003F filter = IcePure RFC2900A

Samsung Aqua-Pure Plus DA29-00003F ice water filter
Green tint to box
Samsung Aqua-Pure Plus DA29-00003G ice water filter
Blue tint to box

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replacement for
DA29-00003F, DA2900003F, HAFIN1/EXP, HAFIN1EXP,
DA29-00003B - DA29-00003 - DA29-00003A
DA61-00159 - DA61-00159A - DA61-00159A-B
 International Water
Quality Safety Standards
certified + approved to meet or exceed
 NSF/ANSI Water Quality Standard 42
chlorine reduction + taste + odour improvements

 Installing New Water Filter Cartridge.
1/ Turn off water supply to fridge
2/ Release water pressure in filter by drawing off water using fridge dispenser
3/ Twist old filter
1/4 turn counter clockwise
4/ Pull old filter straight down + discard
Note :
Put a towel below filter, as some water may escape- This is normal + will stop
5/ Push new filter up into fridge aperture until it stops
6 / Twist a 1/4 turn clock wise
7/ Turn on water supply to fridge
8/ Flush water filter for a few minutes,
until water runs clear
- as with all new filter cartridges
9/ Check connections for any possible water leak.
Showing the difference in locking key between Samsung DA29-00003F and the Samsung DA29-00003G fridge water filter cartridges - sold at AAA FilterFast

Re-Setting 'Change Water Filter' Light
Press + Hold together
' Ice Type + Child Lock '
for 3 seconds + release
Light should now turn GREEN
Note :
hold buttons for longer ~
re-set process will be cancelled
No problem ~ Start again
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