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Samsung Aqua-Pure Plus
HAFIN2/EXP + DA29-00003G
internal refrigerator ice water filter
Genuine Samsung Aqua Pure Pus HAFIN2/EXP - new + boxed + sealed
Replacement internal fridge ice water filter cartridge.

We recommend fitting like for like to avoid compatibility issues. 
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1x Samsung HAFIN2/EXP Fridge Ice Water Filter
One Samsung HAFIN2/EXP water filter

Genuine Samsung Part
Price: £35.50
2x Samsung HAFIN2/EXP Fridge Ice Water Filters
Two Samsung HAFIN2/EXP water filters

Genuine Samsung Part
Price: £68.00
There were 2 slightly different Samsung barrel shaped ice water filter.
Replace like for like - where possible - to avoid possible fitting issues.

Replacement compatible DA29-00003F filter
use IcePure RWF2900A or IcePure RFC2900A

Samsung Aqua-Pure Plus DA29-00003F ice water filter
( Green tint to box )
Samsung Aqua-Pure Plus DA29-00003G ice water filter
( Blue tint to box )

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Samsung HAFIN2/EXP filters are in stock at AAA FilterFast
Samsung Aqua Pure Plus DA29-00003G
new replacement filter for all Samsung fridge freezers t
hat fit within the fridge compartment.
Samsung part numbers vary
but are mainly DA61-00159G or HAFIN2 or HAFIN2/EXP
or HAFIN1/EXP or DA97-06317A-B.
If your fridge was purchased after August 2009 the chances are
 it will probably be fitted with the DA29-00003G cartridge as standard.
However some Samsung models require + will only fit 
the Samsung DA29-00003F water filter cartridge.
Older fridge freezers with the DA29-00003A
and the DA29-00003B cartridges can use this filter or a compatible water filter since previous fridge water filter cartridges are now longer manufactured.
This Samsung filter is squat - barrel - cylindrical in shape. 
Filter connection is made via a protrusion at the top of the filter. 
It is a bit like the light bulb connections, where you push up and twist.
Samsung logo for Samsung Aqua-Pure Plus replacement refrigerator fridge ice & water filter cartridges - sold at AAA FilterFast.Samsung DA29-00003G fits inside the fridge compartment.
Samsung fridge/ freezers would have previously used the filter version
ending with an 'A or B' suffix, however, as part of continuing development.
Samsung have increased the specification of their fridge water filters, to remove additional contaminants such as pesticides,
which surprisingly, the previous version was incapable of handling.
Not that we would anticipate pesticide being in our water supply.
but has slightly smaller dimensions.
Packaging has changed + the lady with the glass has gone - a picture of their older filter is now the branding.
Top part of the water filter is designed to fit in the filter housing
as previous filters,  
Filter is similar, but is slightly shorter + changes to grip + external moulding.
Samsung 'G' water filter looks, fits + works in exactly as the older models.
 - six months or less depending on water usage.
Genuine Samsung manufactured by 3M Cuno facility in Mexico.
Samsung Aqua-Pure Plus DA29-00003G internal refrigerator fridge ice water filter cartridges - side view - sold at AAA FlterFast
Samsung DA29-00003G
Locking key for the filter
Shaped like the letter ' t ' on its side
- slightly italic style.
Samsung Aqua-Pure Plus DA29-00003G fridge water filter cartridges - side view - sold at AAA FilterFast
Samsung DA29-00003G
Locking key for the filter
Shaped like the letter ' t ' on its side
- slightly italic style.
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