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Whirlpool + KitchenAid
SBS002 - 4812 817 29632 - S20BRS
4396508 + 4396510 + USC009
refrigerator fridge ice water filter cartridge
Note - Discontinued Filter
Note - Similar Wpro + Whirlpool Version available

Genuine Whirlpool 4396508 ice water filter cartridge fits in fridge base.
Will fit many Amana, Maytag, Jenn-Air + Admiral fridge freezers.
replaces water filter part numbers
S20BRS, SBS002,
4812 817 28156, 4619 502 3294, 4812 817 28986, 4812 817 29632, 
4396508, 4396510, 4396547, 4812 480 88024.
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1 x Whirlpool 4396508 fridge water filter replaces Whirlpool SBS002
One Whirlpool 4396508 water filter
Price: £33.50
1x Wpro fridge ice water filter replaces Whirlpool SBS002
One Wpro fridge water filter
Price: £25.50
2 x Whirlpool 4396508 fridge water filter replaces Whirlpool SBS002
Two Whirlpool 4396508 water filters
Price: £62.00
2x Wpro fridge ice water filter replaces Whirlpool SBS002
Two Wpro fridge water filters
Price: £48.00
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Whirlpool water filters are in stock at AAA FilterFast
Whirlpool Model Numbers
ARZ735/S, ART745, 
ARZ726/B, ARZ726/W, ARZ737/B,
ARZ740/S, ARZ767/S, ARZ767/SSFC,

FRAA36AF20/2, FRBB36AF20/2, FRSB36AF20/2, FRSS36AF20/2A, FRSS36AF20/3A, 
FTSB36AF20/3, FRUU36AF20/2, 

GRBB20/0L, GRBB2V20/0,
GRSS2V20/0, GRUU2V20/0, GRSS20/0L,

 S20BRBB22-A/G, S20BRWW20-A/G, S20BTSB21-A/G, 
20RB-D3J, 20RB-D3L, 20RB-D3SF, 20RB-D4APT,
20RU-D3J, 20RU-D3JJ, 20RU-D3L, 20RU-D4APT, 
  S20BRSB21-A/G, S20BTSB21-A/G,
S20BRSS31-A/G, S20BRWW22-A/G,
S20DRBB32-A/G, S20DRSB33-A/G,
S20DRSS33-A/G, S20DTSB33-A/G, 
S20E20BIL4A, S20EFII23-A,
S20ERAA32-A/G, S20ERSS33-A/H, 
20RI-D3J, 20RI-D3L, 
20SI-L4APG,  20TB-L4A, 20TM-L4A, 

S22DDSS23-A/G, S22DFSS30-A/G,

 S25BIHS, S25BRSS31-A,
S25BRSB31-A/G,  S25BRSS31-A/G, 
S25CCSS31-A/UK, S25DRBB33-A/G, 
S25DRSS33-A/G, S25RI-D4PT,

 WSC5553AN, WSC5553AX,
WSC5555AN, WSC5555AX,
WSE5530N, WSE5530S, WSE5530X.
Genuine, Whirlpool replacement fridge water filter, cartridges - top view - sold at AAA FilterFast.
Genuine, Whirlpool replacement, fridge ice water filter cartridges - base view - sold at AAA FilterFast.
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