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Wpro  AP100/1
refrigerator fridge ice water filter cartridge
Samsung fridge Water Filter
part numbers
484000000513, 480181700592

Genuine Wpro water filter for Samsung and Maytag refrigerators and fridge freezers.
A replacement internal, fridge water filter cartridge for Samsung DA29-00003G
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1x Wpro APP 100/1 Refrigerator Water Filter For Samsung Fridge Freezers
One Wpro water filter

Part Numbers

Price: £25.50
2x Wpro APP100/1 Refrigerator Water Filters For Samsung Fridge Freezers
Two Wpro water filters

Part Numbers

Price: £48.00
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Wpro Whirlpool water filters are kept in Stock at AAA FilterFast
Part Numbers
484000000513, 480181700592,
replacement for Samsung water filter models
DA29-00003G, DA29-00003, DA29-00003A, 
DA29-00003B, DA29-00003A-B, HAFIN2/EXP, DA97-06317A,
TADA29-00003A, TADA29-00003B, 
DA61-00159, DA61-00159A, DA61-00159A-B.
Replacement for some Maytag refrigerator models :
LC2126HSLS, LC2126HSLW, 
Whirlpool Wpro APP100/1 484000000513 480181700592 replacement internal refrigerator fridge ice water filter cartridges - side view - sold at AAA FilterFast

Whirlpool Wpro APP/1, 484000000513, 480181700592, replacement internal refrigerator fridge ice water filter cartridges - sold at AAA FilterFast

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