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Samsung DA29-00003B & Samsung DA29-00003G ~ New Compatible Filter.

Posted on 29 August, 2011 at 6:56 Comments comments (2)
You lucky people with these fabulous Samsung fridge freezers.
However it is not so easy finding a cost effective compatible replacement filter
for your Samsung fridge freezers, that does not cost you an arm & a leg.
You have a wider choice now to choose your reliable Internet stockist AAA FilterFast
and the new range of EcoAqua filters just being manufactured.
Many of the these fridge frezers manufactured by Samsung
have the same filter fitted to them.
Part Number is listed as :
Fridge Water Filters
EcoAqua 1x LG LT500P EFF6005A water filter cartridges - sold at AAA FilterFast
This new EcoAqua fridge water filter fits the following Samsung fridge frezers models.
Note : This EcoAqua compatible replacement fridge water filter cartridge fits many other models - to identifiy if this is the correct cartridge simply visually compare with the water filter photo shown in this blog.

EcoAqua repacement fridge water filter fits Samsung Fridge Models :
EcoAqua Filter fits all recent models of samsung fridges including :
RB215BSBB ~ RB215BSSB ~ RH269LBSH ~ RS2520SW
RS2530BSH ~ RS2530BWP ~ RS2533SW ~ RS2533VQ
RS2534BB ~ RS2534VQ ~ RS2534WW ~ RS253BABB
RS253BASB ~ RS253BAVQ ~ RS253BAWW ~ RS2544SL
RS2545SH ~ RS2555BB ~ RS2555SL ~ RS2555SW
RS2556BB ~ RS2556SH ~ RS2556SW ~ RS2556WW
RS255BASB ~ RS255BAWW ~ RS2577BB ~ RS2577SL
RS2577SW ~ RS2578BB ~ RS2578SH ~ RS2578WW
RS257BARB ~ RS2621SH ~ RS2621SW ~ RS2622SW
RS2623SL ~ RS2623VQ ~ RS2623WW ~ RS2624WW
RS2630SH ~ RS2630SW ~ RS2630WW ~ RS2644SL
RS2644SW ~ RS265LABP ~ RS2666SL ~ RS267LABP
Fridge Water Filter Cartridge Life :

EcoAqua compatible replacement filter for Samsung DA29-00003G
requires replacing about every 6 months ( just like the original filters )
or maybe sooner,particular if you notice a difference in the taste or quality of your water.
Hope this blog is of help to you all searching for an economical replacement for compatible replacement fridge water filter for your Samsung fridge freezers.
Thank you, Peter @ AAA FilterFast UK

WaterSentinel Compatible Water Filters

Posted on 5 January, 2011 at 19:30 Comments comments (0)
WaterSentinel manufacture 
high quality, replacement refrigerator water filters
They  meet or exceed the performance of the original filter.
a 90 day unconditional money back guarantee.
WaterSentinel filters are designed and engineered by water treatment professionals with over 50 years experience in the water treatment industry who understand water filtration products
and who have designed many of the filters you see in the marketplace today.
WaterSentinel fridge water filters are guaranteed to fit and will provide
clean, clear, great tasting water for you and your entire family.
The WaterSentinel brand filter comes in a sturdy retail box which is sealed
 by them at their factory to ensure the safety of the filter .
The retail box is suitable for retail sales and includes a barcode.
Also included with some models is a date label.
This label allows you to properly date the filter as you install it.
All models come with an installation instruction sheet.
The filter also is protected on the unit at the inlet/outlet ports with a sanitary seal which is designed to ensure your product arrives safe, sound and in perfect condition.© 2009 TST Water, LLC.
All rights reserved. [email protected]   Sales Tools
We will always do our best to source any filter you require, please simply email.[email protected]
Thank you for reading our blog,   Peter  

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