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Samsung DA29-00003B & Samsung DA29-00003G ~ New Compatible Filter.

Posted on 29 August, 2011 at 6:56 Comments comments (2)
You lucky people with these fabulous Samsung fridge freezers.
However it is not so easy finding a cost effective compatible replacement filter
for your Samsung fridge freezers, that does not cost you an arm & a leg.
You have a wider choice now to choose your reliable Internet stockist AAA FilterFast
and the new range of EcoAqua filters just being manufactured.
Many of the these fridge frezers manufactured by Samsung
have the same filter fitted to them.
Part Number is listed as :
Fridge Water Filters
EcoAqua 1x LG LT500P EFF6005A water filter cartridges - sold at AAA FilterFast
This new EcoAqua fridge water filter fits the following Samsung fridge frezers models.
Note : This EcoAqua compatible replacement fridge water filter cartridge fits many other models - to identifiy if this is the correct cartridge simply visually compare with the water filter photo shown in this blog.

EcoAqua repacement fridge water filter fits Samsung Fridge Models :
EcoAqua Filter fits all recent models of samsung fridges including :
RB215BSBB ~ RB215BSSB ~ RH269LBSH ~ RS2520SW
RS2530BSH ~ RS2530BWP ~ RS2533SW ~ RS2533VQ
RS2534BB ~ RS2534VQ ~ RS2534WW ~ RS253BABB
RS253BASB ~ RS253BAVQ ~ RS253BAWW ~ RS2544SL
RS2545SH ~ RS2555BB ~ RS2555SL ~ RS2555SW
RS2556BB ~ RS2556SH ~ RS2556SW ~ RS2556WW
RS255BASB ~ RS255BAWW ~ RS2577BB ~ RS2577SL
RS2577SW ~ RS2578BB ~ RS2578SH ~ RS2578WW
RS257BARB ~ RS2621SH ~ RS2621SW ~ RS2622SW
RS2623SL ~ RS2623VQ ~ RS2623WW ~ RS2624WW
RS2630SH ~ RS2630SW ~ RS2630WW ~ RS2644SL
RS2644SW ~ RS265LABP ~ RS2666SL ~ RS267LABP
Fridge Water Filter Cartridge Life :

EcoAqua compatible replacement filter for Samsung DA29-00003G
requires replacing about every 6 months ( just like the original filters )
or maybe sooner,particular if you notice a difference in the taste or quality of your water.
Hope this blog is of help to you all searching for an economical replacement for compatible replacement fridge water filter for your Samsung fridge freezers.
Thank you, Peter @ AAA FilterFast UK

Samsung DA29-00003B

Posted on 10 April, 2011 at 8:28 Comments comments (0)
 Always In Stock @ AAA FilterFast
Samsung DA29 00003B  replacement fridge water filters are still available
and being manufactured
despite wrongly posted information on some of our competitors fridge filter web sites.
The filters can be purchased at our website AAA FilterFast @ ...
There has been some issues recently with the manufacturer of the
that was due to replace the Samsung DA29-0000G fridge water filter.
Cuno decided to continue manufacturing
to prevent a shortage of filters that occured in 2009 and 2010.
Hence we still supply both replacement fridge water filters
and continue to maintain a healthy stock of both fridge water filters.
Some of our customers are reassured by the branding and packaging
being recognisable.
Some of our customers prefer the original specified Samsung DA29-00003B filter for their american style fridge freezers.
The filters can be purchased at our website AAA FilterFast  @ ...
Thank you for reading our blog,   Peter

Google Top Ranking ?

Posted on 7 April, 2011 at 18:40 Comments comments (9)
Google Ranking ~ How do they do it ?
Trying to get your website to feature
on the first page of  ' GOOGLE ' is a dream we have.
Trying to second guess the search terms shoppers use
is a challenging business that some internet websites do better than others.
It appears more complicated than susing earch terms all over your website,
Or indeed other such as ...
Or indeed other such as ...
Or indeed other such as ...
Or indeed other such as ...
Back links seem to have something small part to play.
You can purchase SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) software 
that claim to be the saviour of all Internet marketeers.
Basck links get a BIG mention as do recipricol links,
but only ones linked to your website seem to be worthwhile.
Footprints is another term that gets a BIG mention.
There are some BIG numbers being quoted for help with this matter by
the professional SEO profesinals,.
Maybe they use the web site professionals to help them in their quest.
There seems to be a myriad of different software
that people are trying to sell us.
It would be great to know which one works,
but then I guess as soon as we all use it
we are back to square one fighting to be on that illusive first page of ' GOOGLE '
Hopefully one day we will make it with our website ....
Well these are some of the search terms we hope you use ?
Anything useful to help us on our quest, greatfully received @ ...
The filters can be purchased at our website AAA FilterFast @ ...  
Thank you for reading our blog, Peter

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