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Drinking Water Problems + Possible Solutions

Posted on 25 November, 2015 at 12:31
Drinking water in the United Kingdom is usually of very high standards
but occasionally drinking water is not up to standard and can cause health problems.

Examine your drinking water - it should appear clear and bright.

If it is discoloured, cloudy or has an unwanted taste or smell -
contact your local water company and have your water tested.

Though check if they charge !

Common Problems with Drinking Water

pH Low alkalinity water
tends to dissolve minerals + metals -  Use Soda Ash to raise

pH High alkalinity water
tend to precipitate minerals + metals - Use white vinegar or citric acid to lower

Aluminum - discolored water
Chloride - salty taste
Color - visible tint
Copper - blue green colour + copper taste
Corrosion -
metallic taste / corrosion / fixture staining
Fluoride - spotting + mottling of teeth
Foaming Agents - MBAS - suds + bitter taste + odour
Hard Water - lime scale deposits + reduced heating efficiency
lowers lifespan of boiler units
requires more soap + rusty colour
Iron - sediment + reddish or orange stains + metallic taste
Manganese - dark brown + black stains + bitter, metallic taste
MTBE - Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether - sweet solvent odour
possible carcinogen
Odor - rotten egg or musty or garlic or chemical smell
Silver - skin discolouration + grey tint in white part of eye
Sulfate - medicinal taste + acts as a laxative
Zinc - metallic taste

Possible Solutions

The use of carbon block refrigerator fridge ice water filters
can offer some protection for these possible drinking water issues.

Particularly - colour + odour + MTBE + MBAS

Other issues may require a more sophisticated water filter
eg. oxidizing filter
or reverse osmosis distillation type filter or water softener

Regards, Peter AAA FilterFast

Categories: Drinking Water Problems

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